Project Overview

Friesland Campina DOMO – Ingredient Production Facility

Project Thunderbird. FCD is a global food products manufacturer. The Delhi, NY plant specializes in the “Ingredients” portion of the company. Project Thunderbird is a Design-Build project which includes a renovation to an existing space as well as an addition to the facility. The three-phase project includes; the construction of a 1,500 square foot Tank Farm for six new silo tanks, a 7,000 square foot Filtration Building, and interior alterations for a new production area. The Filtration Building structure is primarily cast-in-place structural concrete and concrete masonry unit walls. This will house equipment that allows Friesland Campina to minimize byproducts generated by their production process and maximize efficiency.

CLIENT: Friesland Campina DOMO ROLE: General Contractor LOCATION: Delhi, NY