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The management team at Eastman Associates Inc. provides leadership to ensure that the details of our safety program are clearly communicated and uncompromised.

Eastman employs a full-time safety and compliance manager for the purpose of identifying risks and inspecting construction projects for compliance on a routine basis. The safety manager reports directly to the president of the company.

In addition to the focused vigilance of the safety manager, all site superintendents are required to not only maintain site safety, but to report on-site safety on a routine basis.

Each construction project is thoroughly reviewed though our job safety hazard analysis to evaluate and identify exposures that may be encountered and determine measures needed to eliminate or control the hazards unique to each job site. This results in a Job-Specific Safety Policy and Plan.

Routine jobsite inspections are conducted by the safety and compliance manager and the superintendent to identify hazards. The findings are reported, documented, and a corrective action plan is set in place to eliminate or reduce the risk of occurrence. Weekly safety meetings, or Tool Box Talks, are conducted by the jobsite superintendant weekly to discuss job specific hazards as wells a focus safety topics.

We make certain that all field employees understand safe work practices and procedures through internal training program. All field employees are required to complete the OSHA 10 hour safety training course. Additionally, Eastman Associates conducts pre-employment drug testing, random drug screenings of all workers, and maintain and adhere to our drug and alcohol free workplace policy.

Working in conjunction with our insurance carrier and third party safety consultants, we utilize a state of the art safety program designed specifically for our company and geared toward the prevention of injuries and accidents on our job sites.

Subcontractors must meet and adhere to our strict guidelines which include written safety plans, training, safety meetings, experience relative to the work they are performing, minimum insurance requirements and vast safety expertise.

Safety is the responsibility of every single company employee.