Eastman Associates, Inc. - Oneonta, NY

Serving the Upstate New York area with Quality & Dependability.



General Contracting

When it comes to a full service general contractor in upstate NY, no company delivers like Eastman Associates.

We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader one brick at a time by making sure that our clients receive the highest quality craftsmanship.  Our commitment to safe building practices, superior quality, workmanship and innovative solutions is the foundation for a successful project.

Teamwork is paramount and the Eastman team has the experience and commitment to work with the client, design professionals and support staff to get the job done.


Through early collaboration with owners, designers and engineers, we create the most streamlined schedule possible. Eastman Associates has some of the most capable and respected veteran builders in the construction industry who understand the intricacies of developing a complex multi-phased project schedule utilizing state-of-the-art scheduling software.


We believe in superior communication at all levels – this is the key to a successful project. When all parties are exchanging information and ideas in an efficient and effective manner, we can accomplish anything.


Budget management at the field level is a continuous loop process where we are constantly tracking actual cost vs. budget. Using multiple internal tracking systems to ensure accuracy, we minimize and eliminate budget increases.


Let our experience be your experience. With proper planning, technical expertise and flexibility we can control all aspects of any given project. Through our lessons learned, experience is passed from one job to the next, growing our knowledge base.  Put our experience to work for you.

We provide excellence in a wide range of general construction areas, including: