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Design & Build

Approaching construction through Design-Build allows for the collaboration of expertise from engineers, designers and contractors.  This ensures successful project delivery specific to your industry and program needs.

The overlap of the design and construction phases of the project often reduces the delivery schedule.  Our clients also realize the benefit of one single point of responsibility for the delivery of their project.

By managing these objectives, the owner is free to focus on timely decision making and scope, rather than coordinating between designer and builder.

Benefits of Design-Build:


The single source responsibility in design-build project is the backbone for quality and proper project performance. This model drastically reduces conflicts between designer and builder over quality issues and risk management.

Cost Savings
Value engineering and constructability are implemented from the beginning of the project. Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately.

Time Savings
Design-build is the fastest project delivery method. Because the design and construction phases overlap, construction of the project can start before all systems are totally designed. Long bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. Time savings reduce labor costs and allow for earlier utilization of the completed facility.

Our Design-Build Services

Design and Build services include:

  • Procedure Management
  • Schedule Development/Updates
  • Client Updates and Meetings
  • Daily/Monthly Progress Reporting
  • Coordination of Subcontractors
  • Complete Inspections-Safety, Education
  • Cost Monitoring and Forecasting
  • Warranty and Guarantee Management